The delivery plan

A few days ago I made a new retrospective with “benexters” at their clients. This is an opportunity to have a fresh look with hindsight (and experience) to support them in their activities. Several subjects stand out. And in particular something that makes me tell them quickly: no delivery plan (release plan)? Well no, no delivery plan. It’s a pity and frequent. This is a highly effective tool for communicating, harmonizing points of view, bringing out contradictions or needs, facilitating decision-making, etc.

How to get the agile movement out of its dead end

This is a simple text to express how I feel about the agile movement. It is about presenting my observations with my analyses, my categorizations, my convictions, my proposals. I let you express yours wherever you want. I don’t mean that mine are better, just that they exist, here they are. By “agile movement” I mean the dynamics of companies and organizations to know how to evolve well in today’s complex world.

The benefits of authenticity

I regularly defend the interest of real authenticity (and real integrity). This does not mean being obtuse and closed. It mixes a lot of ideas like having a good intention, good posture, coherence between words and actions, #nobullshit, #skininthegame and other things. My goal here is to tell you about a little path recently presented to a few teams at beNext on storytelling and Johari’s window that simply shows the virtues of authenticity.

About the void

Yesterday on the occasion of an “agile becom” (every two months, an event with all the agile community of benext), everyone went from his “lightning talk”. Here’s mine. Hello, nice to be here, thank you for welcoming me. Hello (silence) (people whisper “bastards”, “benevolent”, “benexters”)… Well, it’s interesting what you’re saying to fill that void I want to talk to you about. That void you filled. This void is important in your daily practice of accompaniment.

Current conversations

Here are some of the conversations and messages I am currently carrying in our agile and tech communities ( Presupposition on the quality of the context Whether they are brand new in the role of product owner or scrummaster, or older, I regularly hear in people’s mouths: banks are not sexy as an environment, the media I like much more. This is totally unfounded. It is not the company’s material that will give you its flavor.

Introspection, exposure and coherence

There are many reasons why people are paralyzed. Errors in past messages, misunderstandings about tensions, difficulty in changing cultures, etc. And we will have grasped the switch between a manager who commands and the one who supervises and directs (giving direction, embodying it). All this how to implement it in practice from Monday. This is a question that is often asked. I have explained to you the necessary change in managerial posture and the meaning to be given.

Managerial problem and change of posture

So, in all this, what should we be careful about? To people naturally. To the teams? Certainly not! I don’t give a damn about the teams. I am not interested in teams on this subject. Nothing. Do without me if it’s about accompanying the teams. It is not the teams and team members who will block this fictitious organization. So I don’t care about the teams. Teams are full of different ones, some work, others not so well, but it is generally easy to act if you have the levers of the organization, and above all they very often want to do well.

Why often no one wants to set their organization in motion ?

And for good reason… Hello, Here I am among you. I am Pablo Pernot, on the one hand an organisation coach and on the other hand CEO of beNext. What would I like to talk to you about? Why are you asking me to talk to you? Probably to talk about organizations. I see enough of them. So to evoke reflections based on my past experiences seems appropriate to me. And perhaps to evoke the one that is mine, and with which I have lived for several years, beNext.

Event Storming, a description

The event storming is a very simple workshop. A few rules are enough. It is also very effective and often useful. I was able to mention it in this article in 2016(french), my current situation leads me to talk about it again today. The event storming is, to paraphrase Thomas Pierrain, a real way of harmonizing mental models, in two words, attuning people. It is common to discover people’s surprise when their activity is revealed through visual management through a Kanban system(french).


You know these quotes: “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it - Mark Twain “ or “That those who think it’s impossible are asked not to disturb those who try “. When we talk about transformation, the evolution of organizations in my context, we often hear: “ideally we should…". At the beginning of my meetings, I replied: “Yes, I understand”. I stopped. My role is to make the implicit explicit.